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Metropac e-commerce Tips & Trick

We hope that you have had some time to settle in with our new e-commerce site. Below are some helpful tips and tricks to help optimize your user experience.  We will be adding more Tips & Tricks in the weeks to come.  Check back soon. In the mean time if you have any questions please feel free to email

Do not use the beta site url:  We provided a link to the beta site before launch to give you an opportunity to use the new site at your convenience.  You should now log into and not  The later may cause you to re-enter your id and password upon check out.  If you are having this issue log out and log back in at

Personal Settings:
Once logged in, go to My Account, under Account Management click Personal Settings.
There you can;

Turn on or off Money Saver Alerts.
If enabled a window will pop up and notify you if there are quantity breaks on the product you have selected.

Select your Default Ship Via.
Instead of choosing from a long list of ship via's on every order, select a default ship via to be your choice every time.
(Please don't choose "UPS 1 DAY $20. 10lbs or less/$50+ order total" as your default).

Enter Default Shipping Instructions.
Once entered this will appear on every order. Example: Ship on my UPS Account # 555781

Edit Profile:
Once logged in, go to My Account, under Account Management click Edit Profile.
There you can;
Edit your contact information including your user id and password. 
You can not edit the fields shown in grey. Please contact for changes. 

Product Tabs:

Specifications tab will provide product specifications

Resources tab will provide links to literature, websites and videos when available.

Package info tab will provide weight and dimensions when available.

Substitutes tab will provide a link to substitute products.

Below the Product Tabs:

Accessories and Replacement Parts:

Scroll below the product tabs to easily find accessory and replacement parts.

More information is added daily.


Not Registered?  If you are an existing Metropac customer you can register for an

e-commerce account here.