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Upload QuickPad Import File (supported formats: XLSX, XLS, CSV, TSV tab-delmited)

*ERP Product ID is required

*Importing large numbers of products can take some time. Do not navigate away from this page, you will be directed to the Shopcart once the import is complete.

QuickPad Import

   Filename must end with one of the supported suffixes. Example: QuickPadImport.xlsx

 sample XLSX file (Template)

 sample XLS file (Template)

 sample CSV file (Template)

 sample TSV file (Template)


QuickPad Copy & Paste

  Copy & Paste          
  1. Copy the Metropac Item #s and Quantities from your file, and Paste the data into the box.

2. Your entry must have only one item per line with the following format:

Item # [TAB or COMMA or Space] Quantity
For Example: 8087,100