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Q4100C Series Hot Surface Ignitors

Q4100C Hot Surface Ignitors are designed to provide a robust field service replacement igniter in gas fired appliances with 120 VAC silicon carbide hot surface ignitors. The Q4100C uses a 120 volt silicon carbide igniter design with long life and high resistance to damage or burn out in the appliance. Q4100C models include the silicon carbide igniter, bracket, screw, and wiring accessories to adapt the igniter to the specific appliance application. Q4100C ignitors replace popular versions of Robertshaw, White-Rodgers, and Norton silicon carbide ignitors.

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Glowfly™ Universal Hot Surface Ignitor

The Glowfly is compatible with a wide range of brands and the oldest of furnaces. Easy to maneuver in tight spaces, the Glowfly makes installation a smooth process. You’ll be able to streamline replacements and stock up on one universal hot surface ignitor — the Glowfly from Resideo.

  • Replaces over 110 OEM ignitor models

  • Each ignitor package includes cross reference instructions, six brackets, and installation accessories.

  • Robust Silicon nitride ignitor construction

  • Ignitor application templates enable quick bracket selection.

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High volume OEM style carbide direct replacements for a
wide range of heating equipment.

  • Multiple mounting styles

  • Works with 15, 17 or 45 second HSI systems

  • All models includes ceramic wire nuts for cut and strip connections

  • Extensive cross reference information on our website or download the WR Mobile App

DOWNLOADS Silicon Carbide Ignitor Cross-Reference
Ignitor Selection Guide

21D64-2 Series
120V nitride upgrade kits for conversion of silicon carbide (flat or spiral).

• HotRod™ replaces over 170 ignitors, HotRod EX™ replaces over 260 ignitor models
• Robust nitride ignitor design for longer life and fewer callbacks - 5 year warranty
• Nitride ignitors with 14.5” and 15.5” leads-stripped ends
• Universal and standard mounting brackets and 2 ceramic wire nuts
• Replaces most silicon carbide ignitors including many Carborundum™ models

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Universal Ignitor Upgrade Kit - Cross Ref

Nitride and Carbide Hot Surface Ignitors Catalog

41-4XX Hot Surface Furnace Ignitors Series
The Robertshaw® Carbide Series Hot Surface Ignitors deliver dependable ignition in heating systems of every description: furnaces, boilers, rooftop heaters, infrared burners, unit heaters, water heaters, and many other types of HVAC equipment. Boxed with a gasket.

  • Made from high-purity recrystallized silicon carbide. (Crystar™) which combines physical and thermal strength with stable electrical properties

  • Designed to reach ignition temperature(s) within 17 seconds

  • Have 18-gauge nickel chrome lead wires embedded and metalized in place for maximum holding strength and electrical conductivity

  • Manufactured with lead wires enclosed in a special high-temperature fiberglass insulation providing electrical protection

  • Operate at 120V AC. Some modules are rated for 208/240V input, however, the voltage to the ignitor is stepped down to 120V AC

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Universal Ignitor Series

The Robertshaw® IgnitorPro™ Universal Ignitors are the perfect truck stock item. All universal ignitors replace over 150 ignitors currently used in the field. To allow for universal applications, mounting brackets and hardware are included. Robertshaw IgnitorPro Universal Ignitors are recommended for operating voltage of 120V AC. 

  • The ultimate in silicon nitride with technology from Kyocera™ for the best durability
  • Flat blade heating element for best heat dissipation

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Universal Ignitors Sell Sheet

Plus a large selection of ignitors available from our OEM lines.
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