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Latest additions to the water lineup — powerful new Resideo solutions that Pros can leverage to help satisfy homeowner needs while experiencing easy installation.

AquaPUMP Variable Speed Circulating Pumps

Our AquaPUMP Variable Speed Circulating Pumps deliver greater efficiency for both variable and constant pressure applications with wet-rotor, ECM motors. Plus, they make your life easier by being adaptable for all types of installs with proportional, constant curve, and auto modes to meet your system needs.

Features include:

- Two circulating pump options: A cast iron pump for closed-loop (hydronic)    -- -   --systems and a stainless-steel pump for open-loop (potable) systems
- Five different modes of operation provide versatility to cover the  performance
--of a  wide range of fixed and variable speed circulators
- Proportional and constant curve modes or Auto based on Delta P
- Easy Access to the terminal block for wiring
- 5-year warranty
- Additional fixed speed models available.

ApuaPump Sell Sheet   ApuaPump Installation Instructions

Magnetic Hydraulic Separators

Choose our magnetic hydraulic separators to boost boiler efficiency and protection in new installs or retrofit boiler systems. The options are all yours: Select a flanged or union hydraulic separator valve and choose the union connections — sweat, threaded or press. Plus, we offer a variety of sizes, 1"-6".

Features include:

- Flanged and union models
- All fitting options - (sweat, threaded, press – 2 connections per union kit, 2 union
--kits needed per valve)
- Multiple sizes; union (1 in to 2 in) and flanged (2 in to 6 in)
- Magnet (which acts as a filter and balancer) included in every model
- Insulation included with every model
- Ideal for residential and commercial applications

HYDROSEP Sell Sheet    HYDROSEP Installation Instructions

PV Series SuperVent® Air Eliminator - now with press connections

The unique, rugged design of the Resideo Press PV Series SuperVent® breaks apart and removes air and microbubbles while absorbing stagnant air pockets from hydronic heating systems. This results in the elimination of annoying gurgling and sometimes-costly maintenance. Its rugged design stands up to tough conditions and continuous service, providing you with set it and forget it operation, reduced service intervals and minimized callbacks.

Features include:

- A debris baffle helps to control dirt fouling and prevent failure
- Effective air elimination reduces circulator damage
- A no-clog vent ends leaking and minimizes callbacks
- Adjustable vent top 360° collar ring allows for easier installation and application flexibility
- Press Connectors are widely considered to be the best in the market, saving installation time
--and increasing your-profitability.

SuperVent Sell Sheet    SuperVent Installation Instructions


Press Boiler Trim Kit featuring a SuperVent® Air Eliminator with press connections and NK300 Boiler Feed Combination Valve

Each of our Press Boiler Trim Kits contain everything that you need to do the job right, including a rebuildable Press PV SuperVent® Air Eliminator, NK300 Boiler Feed Combination, and Expansion Tank with Service Check Valve. Best-in-class fittings make for a simple, seamless and high-quality install.

Features include:

- All boiler accessories in one kit: Press PV SuperVent® Air Eliminator, NK300 - Boiler Feed Combination, and Expansion Tank with Service Check Valve
- Simple install with Press fittings
- Accessories are rebuildable for maintenance

- Ideal for new installs and maintenance requests

TK Series Boiler Trim Kit Sell Sheet    TK Series Boiler Trim Kit Submittal Sheet

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