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Product Spotlight


Honeywell’s UNIVERSAL Switching Relays
Two new switching relays replace virtually all of the failed
hydronic relays you encounter
in a day’s work.

These UNIVERSAL single-zone switching relays will restore intermediate line- and
low-voltage switching in almost all oil-fired
or gas-fired hydronic heating systems
you’re likely to meet.

Fast installation
Three knock-outs at the bottom and one at
the top give you plenty of mounting and
wiring options. Large, easy-to-drive
screws and the same familiar layout of
Honeywell’s classic hydronic relays, keep
installation time to a minimum.

Easy service
Plug-in replaceable relays, a replaceable
transformer fuse and that familiar Honeywell
layout combine to cut down on service time.

Streamlined troubleshooting
Two troubleshooting LEDs and a push-to-
test button make troubleshooting as quick
as can be. The
HEAT CALL LED lights upon a call for heat or when the TEST button is
pressed, and the
RELAY LED lights when
120 Vac is present at the N.O. terminal.

Longer life
Compact DC relay technology means that
coils run cooler and more efficiently. And
the Powerpile
® rated contacts run at a lower current to eliminate possible blocked
signals due to normal contact resistance.
That means fewer problems to troubleshoot,
plus longer system life for your customers.

Flexible applications
These single-zone relays can easily be
configured into multizone applications. And when powered from a 24 Vac external source, they can provide electrical isolation
in low-voltage circuits.

High-current model
For higher-current or spot switching
applications, the RA889A single-zone hydronic switching relay replaces any single-zone switching relays not replaceable
by the lower-current R8845U model.

Large screws, plug-in relays, LED lights, and test button make these the friendliest single-zone hydronic relays on your truck. R8845U shown; use RA889A relay for higher-current applications.

Single-zone hydronic switches:

Switch Switching Action Cross-Reference Thermostat Compatibility Replaceable Components
R8845U Two SPST 7.4AFL, plus Powerpile® -rated low voltage spst Replaces Honeywell,White-Rodgers, Argo,Erie, Taco All Honeywell electronic and electro-mechanical 2-and 3-wire thermostats Relay: 32002190-001Fuse:
1A automotive fuse
RA889A SPDT 15AFL plus Powerpile® -rated low-voltage spst Replaces Honeywell and competitor’s high-current-rated switches



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