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Product Spotlight


White Rodgers Thermostats

Comfort-Set 90 Series Premium


White-Rodgers makes choosing the right staging thermostat simple.   One Universal model replaces most competitive staging models.  No need to stock dedicated multi-stage or heat pump models.

It's system-selectable between single state, multi-stage and heat pump. 

Industry's first lighted keypad makes it easy to set and adjust in low-light conditions.

Easy, menu-driven set-up and programming.

The digital remote sensing capability is unsurpassed in accuracy, reliability and versatility. 

  • Better Accuracy.  Digital remote sensors provide more precise, cleaner signals than conventional analog signals.  With digital signal, there is no temperature variance due to wire resistance over long distances.  Now each remote sensor can be place up to 200 feet from the thermostat and still deliver accurate temperature readings.  Up to  temperature sensing points-1 integrated in thermostat and 3 remote sensors.  The temperature from the sensor can be averaged or weighted by program time period. 
  • Better Energy Efficiency.  Our advanced microprocessor allows maximization of a system's potential.  It can maintain temperature accuracy to within 0.5F. Its energy-efficient programming operation can reduce heating and cooling costs up to 33%!
  • Better Control.  The Energy Management Recovery feature lets the thermostat automatically select the proper time to start heating or cooling for the most efficient temperature recovery possible, while at the same time, maintaining the desired comfort level. 
  • Better System Management.  Built-in diagnostics continuously monitor thermostat operation, and aid in thermostat and system trouble-shooting.
  • Better Backup Memory.  The fail-safe, permanent memory retains all installer and user setting in the event of power failure. Plus, no batteries are required making this the most reliable unit on the market.
  • Better System Performance.  for heat pump applications, our Energy Source Optimizer (ESO) system uses the thermostat's logic to eliminate the need for an outdoor thermostat and fossil fuel kit.  By calculating when the pump is no longer efficient, the thermostat determines exactly when to switch to the fossil fuel system to maintain the desired comfort.
  • Better Ignition Backup.  For multi-stage applications, the ignition control reset feature helps prevent a nuisance "no-heat" service call.  It uses the thermostat's logic to attempt up to 3 ignition resets at appropriate intervals when the system does not respond to a call for heat. 
  • Better Comfort Setting.  A unique Warm Air Start option eliminates the "blast of cold air" heat pump owners can experience at the star to the heating cycle. It offers up to a 30 second blower delay, warming the air before the blower starts.

Same great features in dedicated multi-stage and heat pump models.

Heat Pump Order # 1F94-371

Multi-Stage Order # 1F95-371


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