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Product Spotlight


The Grundfos MixiMizer represents a real breakthrough in the efficiency and effectiveness of radiant floor heating.  
At the heart of the system is the Outdoor Reset Control which ensures the heat supplied to the building is equal to the heat loss of the building.  

The Outdoor Reset Control continuously "fine-tunes" the indoor heating water temperature based on the changes in he outdoor temperature.  When the outdoor temperature drops, additional hot water is automatically injected into the heating distribution system, so that the desired indoor temperature is maintain.  

The key to any hydronic or radiant floor heating system is its ability to provide consistent comfort, without requiring frequent adjustments by the homeowner.  The Grundfos MixiMizer, integrated pump and mixing control system, delivers that consistency. 

Grundfos has made it possible to integrate the pump and mixing control.  This new technology adjusts the supply water temperature by varying the speed of the pump to match the rate at which the outdoor temperature changes.  This is accomplished in a mixing loop within the heating system.  As the need for heat increases, the MixiMizer Control speeds up the pump at a rate to match the heat leaving the living area, injecting more hot water into the heating system.  Also, as the need for heat decreases for that area, the MixiMizer Control slows down the pump rate to match the heat loss, injecting less hot water into the heating system.  Maximum control for maximum comfort...consistently!

The MixiMizer from Grundfos is the only pump and controller system of its kind.  This single-unit construction greatly simplifies installation time and wiring complexity.  (Often an electrician will not be required.)  Component selection and system matching headaches are virtually eliminated with these five models being offered. 

  • UP15-42FC/MR  115V60HZ
  • UP15-42BUC5/MR  115V 60HZ
  • UP15-42BUC7/MR  115V 60HZ
  • UP43-64FC/MR  115V 60HZ
  • UP43-64BFC/MR  15V 60HZ

  • Standard spring check valve built into the pump volute.
  • Warm weather shut down. (WWSD)
  • Pump exercise.
  • Post purge
  • Performance indicating and troubleshooting LEDs.
  • "Fail soft" mode.
  • Easy to install sensors. 
  • E-coated pump volute.
  • CD-ROM training materials


  • User selectable  external "call for heat".
  • User selectable "boiler return" water temperature protection.
  • User selectable "supply" water temperature protection.


  • Boiler return protection. If boiler return water temperature is not maintained above135ºF, the pump slow the amount of water being injected into the system allowing it to be returned to the boiler. 
  • System temperature protection.  If system water temperature approaches the limit of 140ºF, the pump slows the amount of water being injected into the system to protect he floor coverings.
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